Burn I.T. Fitness Studio

BURN I.T. (the I.T. stands for interval training) is a Rocklin fitness studio that delivers a comprehensive, body-changing workout in a small class environment.

Rocklin fitness studio

Our Methodology

We focus on delivering a workout methodology intended to perform even after your workout is complete. This is the after burn effect. Each workout is designed to be efficient regardless of gender, fitness level, or experience. Our certified instructors modify workouts, adjust weight loads, and offer alternative moves that vary in intensity. This provides you with the best BURN I.T. experience that fits your individual fitness level.

What Can I Expect?

At our Rocklin fitness studio, class begins with cardio machines. Speed and incline vary throughout class keeping your heart rate up and your mind engaged. Strength-training consists of variations of functional and compound movements changing exercises at specific intervals based on your individualized target heart rate.

Rocklin fitness studio

Workouts are tailored. They are crafted sequences of highly effective exercises that require your individual maximum effort.

Our Classes

BURN I.T. ’s group training keeps your body burning calories long after your workout is over.

BURN I.T. offers small classes. We are not the big box gym. Only 12 people maximum in our neighborhood studio. Our fitness studio is intimate. The music is motivating. Our instructors are experts and encouraging. The classes are challenging and fun.

Rocklin fitness studio

Total Burn

An hour of cardio and strength training intervals complete with dumbells, kettle bells, and bosu balls to keep your mind & body challenged.

Rocklin fitness studio

Mini Burn

The Mini Burn provides the same torching benefits as our Total Burn class, but with a shortened class time. Do more with less.

Rocklin fitness studio

Ultimate Burner

For those wanting to take it to the max, we created a more intense class based on our Total Burn class design. Get ready to work!

Rocklin fitness studio

Find Your Zone

You will be issued a heart rate monitor upon sign in. We need your heart in the right place! Strength-training consists of functional and compound movements. Exercises change at specific intervals based on your individualized target heart rate.


  • 1st Time New Client
  • 1
  • Free
  • Drop In Session
  • 1
  • $22
  • Multiple Sessions
  • 10
  • $180
  • Multiple Sessions
  • 20
  • $320
  • 6 Week Challenge
  • Per
  • $169

Ask about our law enforcement, military, student and senior discounts!


Because of our small class size and dedication to our clients, it’s important that you cancel your reservation 12 hours prior to the start of class. If you don’t, you’ll be charged for the class. For those with monthly or annual packages, a day will be deducted from your package.

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